About Us    
  Astrological Predictions    
  We analyze the place and time of birth of any individual and predict the future course of action that he should take to improve the quality of his life. Astrological Predictions are made regarding education, profession, marriage, health and wealth prospects of individuals based on their birth charts. We also make astrological predictions about your children, the success of our business and your chances of going abroad.
  Gemological Consultancy    
  Different types of precious / semi-precious gemstones are capable of changing the luck and prospects of the wearer. We provide substantially reliable advise on the use of these stones to positively affect the life of the wearer.
  Numerological Predictions    
  We offer numerological predictions, according to the name numbers of our clients. Sometimes, we advise our clients to change their names or nicknames to improve their destiny through a better combination of psyche and destiny numbers.
  Performing of Poojas with Vedic Mantras & Stotras    
  "We offer our services in performing poojas by traditional South Indian Vedic Pundits and according to traditional Vedic rituals." Several poojas, mantras and stotras are prescribed in the Vedas to usher in prosperity and to ward off the evil effects of past karma and planets. Some of these poojas are Ganesha pooja, Shiva pooja, Devi pooja, Vishnu pooja, Lakshmi pooja, Navagraha pooja etc.