Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 7th day 02.12.12.    
Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 7th day 02.12.12. Notes. Sani is Thamogunakarakan. It distroys our Sradha or Concentration. Sani is also Dukha Karakan and Sanyasa Karakan. Question What is the Pramanam for these kind of opinion or discussions? Ultimate Pramanam of all is Vedam even for Jyothisham when disputed. The eagerness and happiness in hearing it itself is the answer. This is from Vaidika Sahith yam and evolutes from its 20 years of study. What is the Pramanam for 6 years for Soorya Dasa and 16 years for Gurv dasa? It is also there in Vaidhka Sahithyam. Gargmuni in Adharva veda defines 28 stars.

Adukkala Kanal represents the observation of cleanlyness or how much Sani is power full. Sani is for purifies ourself and it is comming through back side just like a servent. When they work it is foud horrible and after its work it cleans and butifies.
Thus Sani is to be welomed or blocked?
How to tackle the sani.
Avarana sakthi and Vikhepa sakthi are darkness and light of Maya. The cause is darkness or Avarana sakthi or Ahamkaram. Sublimate the darkness by lighting of Ellu Thiri.
Pambu+mel+kadu= Pambumekkad is the Melkadu is Sahasra Padmam at the end of 6th padi x 3= 18 padi of kundalini and thus 18 years for Rahu Dasa.
Mahabharatham and Ramayanam are the epics of Prasna Pariharam. All pramanams are Vyaso uchistham and Kalpanikam. Avaranam is the ignorance like Reju Sarpam. Sani has got rings arround it.
The reflection of Chitha Sudhi is seen in a cleaned Adukkala. The distruction of the Avaranam of karana sareeram is a must by the anugraham of sani thus Sani is a Moksha karakan. Karma Sanyasi Karakan is Sani.
Kandakan is sani at the kendram of Chandran that is at 1,4,7,10 th positions. Ezhara Sani is the sani at 12,1,2 positions.
The Sradha or concentration is the tool for Sani Dosha Pariharam.
It is to learn even for failing. The game of Pambum Koniyum or Kili mas is to learn how to fail. Refer Mathrubhumi dated 2nd Dec 12 for Matha Amruthananda mayee devis darsan on Sradha or Concentration.
Pativrithya karakan is sani for male pathivrithyam or karma sanyasi or meditator. Makara, kumbam, Thulam lagnam or kooru are the sani sakthi rasi.
  Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 8th day 03.12.12.
Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 8th day 03.12.12. Notes 1.
Rahu Graha Vicharam.
Rahu is Amrutha Visha karakan.
The start of any Yanjam is trouble some and Iswara kripa is essential for its success. Gowthama Muni is the Reushi who says in Brahu Jathakam that Pramanam are in the following ways. Anubhavam, Anumanam, Upananam or comparison,sabdham or sound,Prathyaksham.

What is for Sayana Pradakshinam?
It is the form of a Samboorna Samarpanam or Saranagathi but it shall not torture the body. Is a mala or mountain for getting up or getting down? The answer depends the position where he stands. Dukham or Sukgam is not on the Vishayam but in Vishayee. In the sleeping state that is for 6 months every one is in a Sayana Pradakshinam of Sun or Sivan. Onnum Mudakkiyillengil Vyazham Mudakkum. Is it correct? For Asura it is correct. Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 8th day 03.12.12. Notes.2 Navagraha affects at Dasa kalam, Apaharam, Chidram, and goes further at minute level of vibration. At the anantha thalam the is no graha dosham. Win the Thamas by Rajaus and Rajaus by Satwa and Satwa by Gunatheethan. Chelamattam is the place near Perumbavoor for after death karmam and it is a Chela + Mattam or dress changing. Chalakudy is yanja salayil koodi Kalasarpa yogam is 12 types based on rasi, but it is infinite. It is a kala or time sarpam of kalam.
The calandar of nature or Kalagathi. Ravanan tried to conquer kalam by reverseing it as lanka. Sapta Graham come in between Rahu Kethu.
Mannar Sala Uruli Kamazthal.? Uruli is agraham and you enpty that. Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 8th day 03.12.12. Notes.3.
Kai vizham?
Rahu Sighi chakram is Rasi Chakram or kala chakram and it is of 6 big kal or leg of Rithu and 108 Nakshthra padangal. Drekkana Sangalpa of jyothisham is related to chithra kala Natta Ettum Vattam Thirinju?
Rahu kalam? in Upanishad or Maha Bharatham or Ramayanam it is not mentioned. It is only in Vyavaharika Jyothisham and it is of Thamo Gunam.
Marriage in Rahu kalam is allowed in Mathru boomi.
  Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 9th day Samapanam
Jyothisha Tatwa Vichararam 9th day Samapanam on 04.12.12. Notes.
Kethu is Ghanta Vruna Moksha Karakan. The intension of this Tatwa Vicharam is trying to change the tamoguna face of the present jyothisham to a satwa guna face. For this aim a Jyothisha University is a must.
This must be a subject for study and research. Kavadi= Ka+Vadi = What says.
Kethu has no head but it has Jeevan and head ache is its property.
Nirahangara bhavam is the moksham for attaining the same it is painfull and thus it is Ghanta and Vrina karakan.
Kethu is kodimaram and if witnessed kodiyettam kodiyirakkam also to be witnessed. Why?
Kundliniyude growth is kodiyettam. Jyothisham is a traditional councelling method and stands at higher level than a Sociologist or Phycartisit Augusthya Nadi jyothisham of Thaliyola is 100% correct and all politicians and filim stars have taken this including Padmarajan. Subramanyan and Ganapathy is thouht by Kethu by enjoying the world by travelling over a Mail or Pea cock. The other one is Ganapathy by rounding parents. Nakshathranam aham sasi and thus Name is cuppled with stars and for pushpanjali.

Acharya summarised the 9 days talk.
Devaswam Administrator presided over the Yanja Samarpana function.