Vedic Astrology    
  Thousands of years ago ancient sages have written Vedas and Vedic related literatures including Upanishads, Darsanas, Puranas and Ithihasas. They are based on individual, social, national and universal principles.The messages from these Vedas focus on a person’s lifestyle and management. Around 18 saints have written Vedic astrology to analyse a person’s life and to find solutions. A saint called Parashara muni, who is the father of Veda Vyas and Garga Muni are the important Acharya’s who have articulated the Vedic astrology. It is a part of Vedic literature and a system that originated in ancient India. It’s also known as"Jyotisham" (Pure consciousness)-the science of light whichrefers to the profound and mathematically advanced form of astrology originated in the ancient Vedic traditions of India. Through careful analysis, Jyothish can help us to evaluate our strengths and challenges in order to optimize our full potential. By forecasting the changing trends and periods of our lives, Jyothish can also enable us to make more evolutionary choices. It offers practical remedial measures to alleviate areas of difficulty, giving us the confidence to manifest our true destiny and create success, happiness, harmony on all levels and spiritual awareness.
  Basic Principle of Vedic Astrology and Management methods:    
  The Basic principle of Vedic astrology is that all things are linked. Your karma or fortune is determined by a predestined cosmic design. You are a soul incarnated in a body at a very specific time and place, and your life is a reflection of the greater whole into which you are born just as flowers bloom, say during spring time, when all conditions are perfectly congenial. So is the case with our births on this planet.

An important contribution of astrological approach to human problems is to lay bare the hidden forces operating on them. Sometimes the person himself is unable to understand his own basic motivations. Vedic astrology will help the individual to find out and explore their hidden potential for their betterment and harmony. It is a management and science of body, mind, intellect, pranic and spiritual.

Vedic Management is a systematic way of doing all activities in any field of human effort. It is about keeping oneself engaged in interactive relationship with other human beings in the course of performing one’s duty. One should approach astrology not for mere prognostications but for understanding the real selves. It is all about life and crisis management.
  Types of Analysis    
  1. Horoscope Analysis
Horoscope is a mirror in which an astrologer can see one’s past, present and future. Horoscope is like a snapshot of a particular place in time and space. For casting the natal horoscope of an individual the date, time, month, year and place of birth is needed. There are 12 houses in a horoscope from which an astrologer can predict the various areas of the life of an individual. This horoscope enables the astrologer to know the promise it contains,on the basis of whichthe astrologer can decipher what the future has in store for the person. For the calculation of the timings of the events indicated in the horoscope the knowledge of impact of major periods/sub periods and transit are used.

2. Shell method
Shell Method or “Kavadi Prasnam” is a method used to know about a particular event, success or failure in litigations, material losses, marriages, selection in interviews and so on. The results have mostly been accurate. A ‘Kavadi’ stands for a sea shell. Using these, the position of an individual and the cause of his visit for consultation is found and the solution of his problems are suggested.

3. Thamboola Prashnam (Betel leaves analysis)
Thamboola prashnam is a method of knowing the unknown. Thamboolam means betel leaf. It is considered that betel leaf came from paradise of earth. It is an ideal solution to find remedies for serious and complex issues. Through this traditional method, we can get information about a particular individual, whereabouts of a missing person, lost valuables, matters of uncertainty etc. The predictions using betel leaf have clarity and credibility. Through this method the jyothish can Analyse, Detect and find solutions for the issues.

The Analyses is made in five ways:
Physical body Analysis
Mental body Analysis
Intellectual body Analysis
Pranic body Analysis
Spiritual body Analysis

  Physical body Analysis
  Through Thamboola Analysis, Jyothish can analyse the present and future health far beyond the scope of modern science. It can reveal maladies that may occur, the part of the body that may affected, and why it may manifest. It can also analyse and predict metabolism of the individual and longevity.
  Mental body Analysis
  Vedic astrology believes that the determination of physical and mental health is the foundation of all astrological analysis. Thamboola prashnam gives an in-depth mental analysis of an individual, determining his/her’s mental powers and capacity. It helps to understand and overcome the mental challenges, by understanding and rectifying the problems.
  Intellectual body Analysis
  A person’s behaviour, creativity, management capacity, education, profession and various other aspects can easily be known through this analysis. Thamboola gives the detailed explanation and remedies for the removal of obstacles to improve the personality and nature of the person.
  Pranic body Analysis
  Vedic astrology gives detailed explanation on Prana (energy) and its effect on human body and its impact on the personality of an individual. By analysing the Pranic part, the realization of plans, projects, schemes, ideas and overall work-management relations can be made easier. Thus a jyothish can teach or advice how to handle situations that generate stress in work-place and helping people to instantly recharge physically and mentally.
  Spiritual body Analysis
  Who are we? Where did we come from? Why do we live? And where do we go? These are few common basic questions man has always pondered about, and failed to get a credible answer. Vedic astrology gives us a clear idea of our Karma (duty) and the purpose of life. It deeply analyse the cycle of karma and rebirth and give us advice on the ways to get enlightened, the deities to be worshipped, the steps to be taken to improve our lives, attain Moksha etc.


Vedic astrology can give us detailed analyses through the above methods. It can analyse, detect and find solutions for the problems. Vedic astrology can tell us when we can expect rough times and how to neutralize them. Vedic astrology is based on idealistic philosophy; that there are two worlds, Inner spiritual world and the outer material world. The Inner world is the Mind, Prana, Mental and Spiritual whereas; outer world is the personality of humanity. It is in this inner spiritual world that the cause of what is happening in the outer material world are to be found, and the society we have today is the result of man’s reaction to the influence of the inner world. Astrological analyses enable us to see the inner nature or the core of one’s basic being. If the inner management is corrected or purified, the outer will bepleasant and fruitful.

Self-realization is very important when an individual start performing the rituals or remedies. An individual has to know that the problems he is facing are due to his past and present bad karma. By examining the problems Jyothish can find out which remedial measure is suitable for the situation at hand. There are many ways of remedies like Rituals, Temple worship, Vedic art forms, Music, Herbal, meditation etc. These remedies are spiritual as well as scientific.


The ancient sages have revealed the secrets of healing through the progress of transformation of cosmic energy called Yagya (Homa) which implements the power of sound (Mantras) thought, intent (Sankalpa) and natural force (5 Elements). The potent energy vibrations thus caused have the power to balance planetary effects, rectify Vastu disorders, encourage personal desires and enhance spiritual progress. It is a Vedic ritual where medical herbs and specific woods vaporizes in the sacrificial fire (Havan) and enter the body through nose, lungs and pores, along with recital of mantras to purify and balance the body, mind and environment.

There are five main homams which are advised for greater results.

Ganapathy Homam
Navagraha Homam
Sudarshana Homam
Mruthyunjaya Homam
Kundalini Homam
   Ganapathy Homam
  Lord Ganesha is always worshipped before starting any homa and on all auspicious occasions. Lord Ganesha is also known as Vigneshwara or remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha is believed to remove obstacles not only in the material world but also helps one’s spiritual progress. This homam is performed by people desiring progress in various material pursuits as well as those seeking liberation and spiritual awakening.
   Navagraha Homam
  The powerful manifestation, in the depth of the human mind, internally and externally is the indication of Navagraha.The Navagraha Homam is performed to remove all obstacles in life and attain longevity, health and happiness. This homam has the power to counter flaws that were seen in the analysis and enable a person to prosper in life. The homam is done to appease the nine planets. This homam is extremely useful &beneficial; since its performance strengthens planets & increases their positive vibrations while pacifying malefic planets by neutralizing their negative effects and overcome adversity.The Navagraha Homam performed with faith wards off all malefic planetary effects.
   Sudarshana Homam
  The word “Sudarshana” itself means “Su” – right or correct, “darshana” means vision. This homa gives immediate relief from pain and suffering to the performer by removing all the evil causing negativities and negative forces from the path. It also removes the undesired effects and sins by neutralizing the negative karmas.
   Mrityunjaya Homam
  Mrityunjaya homam is one of the most effective spiritual processes of healing to rejuvenate a person who is under a life threat. This homam is said to be thousands of year’s old spiritual process which is done by invoking Lord Shiva – the ultimate and primordial force of the universe who is believed to be capable of reducing or removing the hardships and rejuvenate the person who is fighting against death.
   Kundalini Homam
  The concept of Kundalini comes from yogic philosophy of ancient India. Kundalini homa is performed for self-realization, yogic awakening and spiritual maturation.
                    Apart from these there are variety of homas which are recommended for individuals. They are Saraswathi Homam (Education), Santhana Gopala Homam (For kid’s welfare), Prethyunkara Homam (Enmity), Banasi Homam (Good marriage), Nakshatra Sooktham (For solving star related problems), and Gayathri Homam (Spiritual awareness).
  Temple Worship & Pilgrimage:
  Temple worship is a method of healing the whole mind and body. Temples are not merely prayer halls; they are the quantum healing centres. In temples the light, heat, sound and chemical energies are filled through lighting of lamp, camphor, mirrors etc. The sound energy through mantra, ringing of the bells, music, bhajans etc. And chemical energy is from bathis, aromatic flowers, leaves etc. Thus the temples are energization centres which refreshes the body and mind.
Nadha brahma meditation (Music therapy) :
  Music influences all levels of human existence. It’s a medium for communication, which can be both a pleasant and healing experience. In Vedas music has an important place. Many dosha’s or problems can be controlled effectively by music therapy. It is believed that music stimulates the pituitary gland, whose secretions affect the nervous system and the flow of blood. It is said that for healing with music, it is necessary to vibrate the cells of the body, for it is through these vibrations that the diseased person’s consciousness can be changed effectively to promote health. Music therapy is one of the most effective ways of controlling emotions, blood pressure and restoring the functioning of the liver.
              It is believed that the classical Indian ragas can benefit a whole host of conditions ranging from insomnia, high and low blood pressure to schizophrenia, epilepsy, ageing and pain. Music is capable of improving happiness, peace, health and concentration. There are mainly nine ragas which represent the planets and listening to those will have an effect on the body and mind. They are
  Saurashtram (Sun)
Asaveri (Moon)
Shanmugapriya (Mars)
Saraswathi ragam (Mercury)
Yetukulakambhoji (Jupiter)
Kurinchi (Venus)
Mohanam (Saturn)
Athana (Ketu)
Shankarabharanam (Rahu)
  Herbal treatment (Panchakarma)
  Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, by restoring balance and wellbeing. Developed thousands of years ago in India, It is recommended on a seasonal basis, and when an individual feels out of balance or unwell.

According to Ayurveda, good health depends upon our capability to fully metabolize all aspects of life, assimilating that which nourishes and eliminating the rest. When we can’t completely digest our food, experiences, and emotions, toxins accumulate in our bodily tissues, creating imbalance and – ultimately – disease. Panchakarma is an elegant cleansing process that releases stored toxins and restores the body’s innate healing ability.
  With meditation, the physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with more prana (energy). This result in joy, peace and enthusiasm as the level of prana in the body increases. Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing. The mind becomes fresh, delicate and beautiful. Regular practice of meditation sharpens the mind by gaining focus and expands through relaxation. If the meditation is done along with rituals and yaga, it gives an energizing feeling to the person.